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A friend said to me, “Failure is an event, not a person.” Now, that is a statement that could change a person’s life!

This blog experience is work in progress. I read over old posts and edit them. I don’t mean that I change sentences. I just like correct spellings or reverse words, things like that. One day I was reading a blog to my grandson, Charlie, and realized that I should always read a blog aloud before posting it. It sounded awful.

Blogging is giving me some really great benefits as a writer besides imporving my grammar. I am starting to write actual stories. I wrote two true stories while writing posts that I think are worth considering for other publications. I actually fleshed out my post on the caucus for that purpose. I wrote another that got way too long to post, but it may end up being submitted for publication elsewhere.

Why am I writing this today? Because it is formost in my mind this morning and I am committed to write every day.

This is a go day for me. I have a long list of places to go and people to meet. People fill my soul. They reveal God to me. Hope your day is Godfull.

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