Heart and Art

I have been thinking a lot about my heart lately. Nothing wrong. I just realize that, health wise, it is the only part of my body that I take medication for to keep doing its job efficiently. For some reason I have made the connection between my physical heart and the heart as the center of love and all of a sudden, my heart health became more important to me. So I moved my scale downstairs…that instrument that I obsessively step on every morning…and decided to just eat as though my heart depended on it. Funny, as I did that, my daughter e-mails me about a conference about the heart and art. Sounds like a weird connection, but I signed up for it. So that is where I am going today and tomorrow. I will eat all of my meals there and I am assuming they will be heart-healthy meals. It starts at 7 am this morning. Are they kidding? 7 am? I have never been to a conference that started that early. Is this supposed to be good for the heart?

I expect to learn a lot of something and I will share with you whatever that something is. Truly, I never went to a conference before where I had no clue what the point was. Heart and art. Hmmmm…


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