My Blankee

Wednesday is my “Go Day”. It is the one day per week that I travel south to St. Cloud. We do most of our business in our own small town, but over the past year or so I have managed to get myself tangled with three different groups that meet regularly in St. Cloud. It is convenient that the three groups meet on the same day, so I don’t need to drive the distance more than once a week. But yesterday I started to question why I should be doing this at all. I am as affected by the amount of gas I consume, a concern for many people. Well, here is the hook. When I get to meeting with people in any sort of regular way, I always seem to get attached to them as they appear to collectively weave my “blankee”. That was clear to me as I drove home at 9 pm over the dark back roads to home. I would never give up my blankee without a fight.

Just ask my grandson who stands by my side right now and has come to spend the day with me.

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