Humor in the Face of Tragedy

Is it possible to find humor in the face of this current international tragedy?

I am driving home from Little Falls this morning listening to MPR. I hear the head of the English Parliament taking a vote on whether Britain should enter a war against Syria with the United States. “All Eyes to the right. All nose to the left.” I tried to visualize that…and laughed.


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2 Responses to Humor in the Face of Tragedy

  1. nancy seidler says:

    I was anxiously awaiting your feelings on this matter one way or another. I think they already decided to stay out of it. I get your humor.

    • Judy says:

      Yes, for now. The Brits are “gun-shy” after the experience over Iraq. Many of us are too. This is so very difficult. What we really pray for is peace…love for our fellow human-beings.

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