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I am continuing the task of revisiting old posts and putting them into categories. I can barely remember the reason I committed to writing every day. Sometimes I slip into revising as though I were getting ready to publish the blogs, then I catch myself. It is difficult to read old blogs and realize that I have written some really poor ones. I can see stretches of time when the commitment to write every day was my only reason to write. This is the dark side of such a commitment. Nothing to write about? Write anyway. Feeling no inspiration? Write from your emptiness. Feeling grey? Force it. It all came through.

No place to hide. It is what it is.

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3 Responses to Old Posts

  1. Debbie says:

    Judy, 9 times out of 10 I find your blogs very interesting and enjoyable to read along with often learning something. Thank you. and the “other” ones are usually a topic I am not interested in.

  2. Chris Jeub says:

    Mom, check out Michael Hyatt’s post on blog frequency: http://michaelhyatt.com/blogging-frequency.html

    • Judy says:

      I am not sure I get this. I am not much concerned with getting more people to read my blog. I am concerned, however, whether my blogs offer anything of value. Value can be insight or humor or just plain good writing. I realize that value is verified by people coming back again and by their wanting to comment. I also think that there needs to be some frequency. I know for myself, I have stopped visiting blogs that don’t have something new fairly often.
      I have been writing for myself for so many years, I guess I am finding it hard to shift into another gear.
      Thanks for the link, though.
      What exactly does Michael Hyatt do?

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