No More Labeling People for Me

I am going to try to drop labels altogether, even when people like to claim them for themselves. The ones that keep me befuddled are the political ones, especially liberal and conservative. I am considered a liberal but at times I get bucky about the label. I don’t blindly follow every leader that calls themselves liberal. Nor do I resist every conservative idea, especially when I think the idea has its roots in compassion. I understand the idea that well-meaning people can have different ways to approach a problem. I struggle when either conservatives or liberals deny the existence of problems however.

However you interpret the above or whatever your opinion of me, I will state my main point again: I am going to try to drop labels. Instead of saying a cousin is a conservative, I might say they hold some conservative views. Rather than say a friend is a liberal, I might say that in my sharing with them their views appear to be more in alignment with liberal thinking. Wow! I might find myself getting terribly wordy and people might stop hanging around me. But I want to open my heart and affirm that people are unique human beings who think and feel many different things.

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3 Responses to No More Labeling People for Me

  1. cnn says:

    I suppose ones reaction to labeling depends on if one is the LABELER or the LABELEE.

    • Kanadiangirl says:

      And herein lies the problem. Our reaction!!! As I said, names can never hurt us. I thought we learned that already in kindergarten, but here we are as adults, NOT acting as adults. NOT turning the other cheek!!!

  2. Kanadiangirl says:

    People are getting waaaaay to sensitive. Who cares about labels???? If you are a Christian, feminist, Lutheran, liberal, chauvinist, hypocrite, etc., etc., WHO CARES???? They are just names and can never hurt me!!!! What is this world coming to????

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