The Sadness in the Country

The day after the elections, I was listening to a PBS radio interview of an Australian reporter who would soon be leaving the US after following the American election for months. He was asked to share his reflections after traveling about the country interviewing people. His last words hang with me still.  He said, “America is a very unhappy country right now.”

I agree. I feel it every day. I don’t even have to watch the news. I see it in people’s gray moods and listen to words bereft of hope. Sometimes anger, often fear. Blaming whole groups of people for something only a handful have done. Fear that our loved ones are not safe to go about their lives.

I believe there is joy somewhere that, like a light, shines even in dark places. I just find that I am not always able to access it.

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3 Responses to The Sadness in the Country

  1. Marie Zapf says:

    I remember feeling an even deeper sadness during the 20 years of the Vietnam War. So many lives lost for what?

    • Judy says:

      Yes, and in later years we learned of the deception of the leadership that kept us in that war. As much as I love this democracy, it puts us in this position of having to put up with corrupt leadership until the process that corrects things works. This is my own frustration. Not that I don’t have hope, but that change takes so long and there are so many self-serving forces working against the good!

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