Homesick Computer

Bernie and I are home from the resort. We pulled up to the house about 45 minutes ago. We checked the garden first to see what was up. I’d hoped the lettuce would have been further along. I cut some asparagus. The stalks are going to seed so we will probably only get a couple of more meals of this favorite vegetable. Bernie is already out cutting lawn. Lots of rain while were were gone and the grass is long. I unpacked and started a loaf of bread in the breadmaker.

My computer crashed while we were up north. Fortunately, she fixed herself. It had the courtesy to keep me posted on her progress. There were numbers which left me clueless. “225, 603 (somethings) of 571,013”. I watched the numbers climb and they did so swiftly. I was thrilled when she announced she was done cleaning out the bugs and she gave me just a couple of instructions to get back on line. That hard work enabled me to respond to yesterday’s blog comment. But when I went to do today’s blog, she was down again. This time I just put her to bed and tucked her into my satchel to get her safely home. I hoped that she was just suffering from a case of homesickness. I guess I was right. Here we are together blogging thoughtlessly away.

I am getting used to this temperamental machine. I find myself able to get her going to do her chores when she gets lazy. I am holding her responsible for her own behavior instead of always blaming the guy who sold her to me or my son who got me started on this blogging business. I feel like I adopted a brat that no other family wanted and am taming her. Things are much happier around the house lately. Just ask my husband. He says my language has improved and there haven’t been any threats in weeks.

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