What Dams are For

On days when I have a lot to do, like today when I want to get back to sorting stuff, it is tempting to cut my morning routine. I am talking about the rountine that takes care of me: read, pray, exercise. But today, I pushed myself. I walked out into our farm country neighborhood even though it is partly cloudy and breezy. Home now, I am so glad I did that. I received so many messages as I went.

First, the trees reminded me that they are there for me ever giving  me oxygen and they waved at me with their leaves twittering in the breeze. I reminded them that I give them carbon dioxide and this is a two-waay friendship.

One of the trucks honked at me when I waved at him passing. I blessed him and his family and everyone he meets today.

When the clouds got thicker and I felt cold, I thought about how we sometimes start out on a journey and things happen along the way that we don’t find all that pleasant. But, as in this walk I call my life, I am learning to just keep going, do the next right thing and learn whatever lessons there are to learn. The sun will come in again.

I followed the bike trail north of us to the Mississippi bridge below Blanchard Dam. The waters were raging after the rains we’ve had. Every section was open and clouds of mist rose as high as the bridge. I stood there thinking about the saying, “When it rains, it pours.” I know that sometimes it feels that way. One little problem, then a host of them. A misunderstanding, then an outpour of negative emotion. Clean one closet and make a huge mess. It is life. But we need the rain. We just want to keep the damages under control. That is what dams are for.