Another Day with Family

Well, there you have it. I was able to put pictures on my blog, although there is a lot of work to do. I did the Father’s Day report yesterday rather late at night. Looking at it this morning, I see that my picture description is split. I will have to ask the guru about that later after he gets home from work.

We have pretty much been following family members around since we have been here. I’d love to give you some pictures…we’ll see if I can accomplish that. I already told you that we displaced two of my granddaughters to use their bunk beds. They slept outside on the trampoline. Cool. In Minnesota they’d be feast for mosquitoes. It has been a few years since I slept on a top bunk. but Bernie wasn’t about to try that.

Our first evening, I went with Wendy to watch the teens at a “swing dance” in Colorado Springs, which folks around here call “The springs”. I asked Cynthia if it was really swing or were they to do other kinds of dancing. She said, “No, it is pretty much just swing dancing.” She was right. It is more the dancing my parents did during the war than what Bernie and I did. Let’s see….

Cynthia “cutting a rug”, as they used to say. Swing Dancing.

The next morning Bernie and I went to the horse camp where the older kids served as counselors. We watched little kids do tricks on the backs of a couple of beautiful steeds. Then the counselors were set free to strut their stuff and do poses and flips to the amazement of these grandparents.


Lydia helping a camper on the horse.

Saturday afternoon we went to a graduation party for friends of the family. Bernie and I left earlier than the rest of the family and enjoyed some alone time driving through some beautiful Colorado countryside. We were long asleep by the time the family came home.

Sunday morning, guests came for their house church. We have enjoyed meeting their friends. I think you can see a lot about the quality of your children’s lives by watching them interact with their friends. Later, as described in yesterday’s post, we celebrated the two fathers.

Father’s Day dinner…bacon shrimp, bacon potatoe salad and elk.

This morning, most of the kids are off to horse camp again. This time, along with the teens who serve as counselors, the littler kids went as campers. There are just three little ones left in the house and I can hear Bernie in the living room reading a book to Priscilla. I am waiting for the water to heat  up after showers.

I am excited about this new picture phase of my blogging. I will try not to overdo it. And you may notice, I could use some instructions in how to take good pictures. Looking through the photos stored in my camera, now on the computer, I saw some pictures I wish I could have put on my blog, but didn’t have the ability to do it until now. Progress, not perfection, is my motto.

Have a good one…


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  1. You have a beautiful family! I have enjoyed being friends with them for several years now – your pictures are a perfect capture of the wonderful time you are having together! Blessings for the rest of your visit!

    Under the Son,
    – Hillary Wallace (one of Chris’s former debate students)

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