Missed Blog

I’d set out on this blog thing intending to write every day. I failed yesterday. This so reminds me of the many lents in my life. You know the scenerio…starting out on Ash Wednesday with this power of a resolve to sacrifice whatever it is you are addicted to. That, of course, was doomed to fail. I look back now and think that if I had chosen to give up something that was not an addiction for me I surely would have been more successful. I am not suggesting giving up something that you actually dislike. For me that might have been brussel sprouts or TV wrestling. That would be rediculous. What I should have given up was something I like but am not addicted to. Peanuts, for example. Or jelly on my toast. I would have zoomed through lent on a cloud of righteousness. On the other hand, if I’d been successful, I’d probably be pretty difficult to live with today. Success in spiritual matters can do that to a person.

I actually think my failures are the most attractive part of me. I have friends who would definitely agree with that.  I feel the same about them. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?