Advantages of the Silver Years

Getting old and having the family move on has its advantages in surprising ways.

When doing laundry, pairs of socks are always in tact, unless one has been deliberately discarded because it has a  hole in the toe.

Our decks of cards all have 52 cards and games have all the pieces.

I no longer get in the car in the morning and see the gas gage on “empty.”

We can go to bed and not have to get up again to see if someone has come home or not.

It is easier to know where the money went.

Towels don’t walk out of the house.


One thought on “Advantages of the Silver Years”

  1. I suppose things don’t magically break by themselves. “Gee, I have no idea how your favorite electronic widget – the one that all the kids love to take and play without asking permission – broke.”

    I suppose your favorite treat tucked away in the fridge or pantry doesn’t mysteriously vanish. When you decide to indulge yourself, the kids are all SAFELY tucked away at night.

    Mismade socks? I wish I could find a pair of socks around here, even if they didn’t match. I suppose you don’t have teenagers wearing out all your socks, shoes, jackets, and favorite shirts.

    Come to think of it, there’s an advantage to gaining weight in your 40s. If my waist size was the same as my teenage boys, I’d have no underwear. At least they stay away from my underwear.

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