Almost Midnight

It is 11:33 pm. I am trying to fall asleep on the couch and I am thinking about my day. I want to think about it because it has been such a nice one. I thought about myself getting up, reading, going outside. I took pictures of the sun rise and realized that even when the sun is really red to my eye, it is yellow-white in a camera shot. I took pictures of some yellow flowers growing on bushes and some red sumac leaves on the bottom branches. I remember thinking that this is actually a late turning.

I remember when Bernie left to go to town and I remember him telling me he may make another batch of salsa when he comes back. I reminded him that I would not be home for supper. He left in a really good  mood, I recall. Then I tried to picture myself in front of my computer doing my blog and I was unable to bring up such a memory. Did I forget?

I got up and went to the computer. The critter responded immediately to my button and mouse commands. This thing really is a night owl. Sure enough, I didn’t do my blog for the day. What am I going to say? Just start talking…I still have 15 minutes to go. But I am tired. I am going to bed. See you in the morning.