Monday Morning Amends

I can’t say I am especially impressed with my first attempt to write a reflection on the scriptures for the First Sunday of Advent. (Go to yesterday’s blog, if interested). First of all, I am too lazy to go back and resurrect all that stuff I learned in my studies in biblical theology. If I were writing a book, I would have to do that. A credible writer wouldn’t just pull interpretations out of thin air. Granted, I sort of remembered what I learned, but my memory bank has gotten mushy over the years.

 Secondly, my writing was horrible. I wrote in a rush in the wee hours of Saturday morning because I knew I would be heading out for my girl friends weekend get-together and wanted to be able to simply “release” my blog on Sunday morning from her house, which I did. The blog as I released it was pretty unintelligible. I edited it several times yesterday. If you read it in the morning and then again at night, you would not recognize it as the same blog. But then, who would ever go back to read a bad blog?

Thirdly, I was too sarcastic. How can I expect anyone to meditate in a meaningful way on sarcasm? That is a problem I have. I don’t really know how to shake it, though.

Finally, I was hypocritical. I have found a different community to feed my spirit and I haven’t been around the Catholic liturgy in a while. I should have written my reflection book back when I was still there.

I guess this is an apology…an amends, as it is known in my circles.

Today is one of those “go” days. I will head out to our little town to the north to run errands, some related to Christmas. I will mail the gifts that need to go to other parts of the country and hopefully, I will find the one gift that is still out there waiting for me to buy it so that I can check the last person off my list.

2 thoughts on “Monday Morning Amends”

  1. I thought your reflection yesterday was very good. It was the Scripture I heard at St. John’s and the priest offered many of your thoughts! He talked about our personal disasters and said that is when we often encounter Jesus. I don’t know if he said “through others” or if I just assumed that because that is how I meet God (via humans). Keep on writing; you are good!

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