Another Busy Day

I thought this morning that I would have to abandon my blog for a while. The computer was on but the screen was black and nothing, zilch, zero that I did could get it to budge. I went to Bernie’s computer and was unable to get to my blog from there. My son called from Florida…he told me to take the battery out and give the computer a rest. Wow! It worked! I suppose it isn’t important that I understand any of this stuff.

I went to an event hosted by Visual Arts Minnesota yesterday. Daughter Heidi was the hefe (my favorite Spanish word, means “boss”). I love watching Heidi in action.

In the evening I got to take grandson Jackson to Early Childhood. It was great fun. He wasn’t interested in doing any of the art projects, though. I was so disappointed. I really wanted to make the bear with sawdust fir, a pom-pom nose and wiggly eyes.

Just chatting today. Bernie and I head out shortly to help set up for Heidi’s big fundraising event tonight. I have curlers in my hair. Can you believe going out in public like this? Ugly city! But I will look stunning at the Speakeasy tonight.