It is fun to visit people when celebrating is going on. While we were visiting our son in Colorado, granddaughter, Lydia celebrated her birthday and we were able to witness the things a family does to celebrate their members. For Lydia, there was a magnificent breakfast, which is usually in bed, but this time not. She got to choose her birthday supper, which we missed, but we were told of the meatloaf, mashed potatoes and chocolate fondue. We celebrated Father’s Day, too. That day was all about eating, eating, eating. Everyone cooked, but the fathers got into it, too, struttin’ their stuff.

Here in Arizona, my granddaughter, Christina turned 12 yesterday. My daughter treated Christina and her friends to an hour in the community swimming pool. Yes, I was in there too. (It is 100 degrees here!) Then we all came back to the house for…..FOOD! Are you getting suspect of my family yet? Or is food such a center of your family life that you don’t even recognize the signs? Anyway, Bernie made his fantastic potato salad, as he did in Colorado. He also took charge of grilling the hot dogs and burgers. Becky had invited not just the children, but their parents and a few cousins thrown in.

The highlight of fooderama, in my opinion, was the cake created by Becky. She made a layered cake, created in stages, of cake, icecream with chocolate chunks in it, chocolate  whipped cream frosting, more cake, more icecream and more frosting, then more cake and all topped off with the frosting. She took it out of the freezer about an hour before serving. I can’t begin to tell you how good it was! I had one piece, then patiently waited for everyone else to have their pieces. Then I snuck in a second piece. Then later, when we were cleaning up, the leftover cake tasted just as good swimming in melted icecream.

The other highlight, of course, was my granddaughter turning 12. This business of the grandchildren growing up keeps me in amazement. I hear  bits and pieces of wisdon popping out of their mouths. They get our grown-up jokes now which can  make you either feel funnier or more watchful. Instead of cute, they turn beautiful or handsome, even sexy, which makes you want to throw them into a mason jar and pour vinegar over them. Their talents are emerging and they are starting to take center stage.  They get taller and quicker and can reach the snacks before you can get them onto the platter. They dance better than I, sing better, and I absolutely have stopped letting them win card games on purpose.

Today is a fiesta day in this little Arizona town. We watched a parade this morning and are off to the fiesta grounds. I have saved my appetite for an authentic Mexican burrito…and I will enjoy every last bite.