Battle of the Cheetos

In my personal journal this morning I griped about the fact that, after 5 days of really good eating, I stopped and bought a bag of Cheetos which of course I ate. Did you know they come in larger bags now? There are actually 3 servings in one bag which I treat as 1 serving so they don’t go bad.

I am reading a book that my son gave to my husband, Fully Alive by Ken Davis. I would recommend it especially for men who need to think about their physical well-being. Almost any books I have read on this topic were clearly designed for women. Ken is a great story teller and inspirational. But what I like best is his ability to get to the core of things. His humor makes facing the truth about our excuses palatable.

The chapter I read today is entitled “From Pole to Pole”. It is about taking our goals and breaking them into little manageable pieces. He told the story of a friend who is in recovery who called him one night in a panic because he was alone in a motel room on a business trip and had an incredible desire to have a drink. “I don’t know if I can do this the rest of my life,” his friend said. Ken told him, “You don’t have to do it the rest of your life. You just have to do it tonight.” His friend made it to bed and in the morning his urge was gone.

I thought about the Cheetos. I realized that I was between events with only about 20 minutes of time on my hands when I pulled into the parking lot of the convenience store. It is only 20 minutes of self control I would have had to exert. Then I would have been at my next appointment where I would have forgotten the Cheetos. Thanks, Ken. I hope I remember next time your excellent advice.