Big Ego in the Sky

I wonder if God gets upset when we share an idea that came, let’s say, from the Bible and don’t give him credit. I know that as a parent, when I see my grown children spouting out principles and living out values that I tried to teach them when they were little, I don’t get upset at all. I have no ego investment in the principles and values I tried to pass on. Maybe we should call God the Big Ego in the Sky. Think about the stuff you read in the Bible, especially the Old Testament. While there are passages that depict God as being all loving and compassionate, there are other passages that show God as being jealous and spiteful and playing favorites. I read one of those passages this morning, which is what inspired me to write this blog.

In this political climate there are candidates and politicians who talk as though God had written their platforms. They speak as though they think God will bless the candidate that gives God more publicity. You know what I think? I think God doesn’t have time for politics. I think God is too busy attending to the children who have to grow up in war zones or people suffering from diseases that kill or cause unending pain. I am thinking he might like it if somebody would do something for these “least” among us. But do I think he cares about who gives him credit? I doubt it.

2 thoughts on “Big Ego in the Sky”

  1. “I think God doesn’t have time for politics.”


    I found your blog a few days again. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy reading your ideas. It really makes me think. I appreciate that you share your ideas.

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