Birch Haven Resort – Fishing

I was in bed by the time Chris came in off the lake with a stringer full of fish. I could hear them around the campfire outside our camper singing and talking about marshmallows and chocolate graham crackers.

Chris and Wendy have a plan for getting fishing licenses for the greatest advantage. Since Minnesota requires one adult with a license to take a bunch of kids out, they invested money to buy two 24 hour licenses one after the other. Wendy took her turn out first. She managed to take kids out three or four times withing her 24 hours. Her license time ended at 3 pm yesterday. At 3:05 pm Chris went on line to get his and took a crew out last night. He is up now at 6 AM and will be loading the older boys shortly to go out. Everyone else is still asleep. He said he will be sending three-year-old Zechariah up to our camper to hang out until Wendy gets up. We have a TV in our camper. We don’t get any stations here but we can put in a DVD if we need to. Chris doesn’t have a TV in his home in Colorado. This is an advantage because it is easy to mesmerize the children if needed. Turn on the TV, and they all turn and look like deer into the headlights.