Blog Lost

What is it about people who are always getting these messages from God and answers to prayers? This morning, I wrote a really great blog. But when I went to publish it, my computer brought up that almost blank page that says something like it can’t connect to the internet. This happens now and then, especially on Sundays. It seem the wireless wires get jammed. I know. This wireless stuff is different, but let me think my old fashioned thoughts.

I tried all the tricks that people have taught me except the one that says turn off the computer and start all over. I was scared to lose my marvelous blog. I tried walking away a few times, giving the poor dear time to get herself together. In fact, I gave her a good half hour! Finally, I turned her off and went for a walk.

As I walked, I prayed. I asked God if perhaps this in not a blog I should publishing. It was a pretty vulnerable one. It was about a current event, but I figured none of the people I wrote about read my blog. Then I tried bargaining with God. I told him that if I could retreive the blog, I promised not to publish it for a couple of months at least.  I didn’t think I could recapture those marvelous words and images again. I felt good about this prayer and God and I went on to talking about other things.

When I got home, I ended up using Bernie’s computer to get to my blog dashboard. All I found was an incomplete version of the blog, no title, the first paragraph ended in the middle of a sentence. Rats!

So what is the message here? Don’t publish the danged thing at all? My writing all that good and I should do it over? Who knows? Communicating with God can be pretty frustrating at times.

My daughter Heidi and a friend just walked in for breakfast. Stay cool.


3 thoughts on “Blog Lost”

  1. Bummer! Wonder if you could author it in Word, then copy and paste when you’re ready?. That way you can also send specific posts to appropriate folks via the doc. Or, you can keep adding to it to shoot off to Simon and Schuster when you’re ready. On the other hand, if God does vet your posts, I’d hate to foil the process.

    1. Yeah, this suggestion has been made to my by my daughter…several times, in fact. I am a slow learner. I will try using Word today.
      Really? Simon and Schuster?

      1. Tim, I did tomorrow’s blog on Word and copied and pasted it, like you suggested. I did it today, which is tomorrow on the blog, but today when you are reading it. OMG! I am starting to sound like you!

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