Blog Smog

My son, Chris, is my blog master. He helped me get this blog started and continues to mentor me with technical stuff as well as coaching. He told me he never changes a blog. He takes responsibility for what he has written, including blogs he regrets having written. I needed to hear that.

This morning I am thinking about yesterday’s blog on Parenting and Commitment. I don’t think it is a bad blog. I actually agree with it. But there is something untrue about it. I think that it borders on one of my personal boundaries when it comes to sharing ideas. That is, I don’t like to lift up an idea by stomping on those who hold the opposite. Sometimes this is an impossible task. And in trying to stick to the ideal, I end up not sharing my idea at all. I am not sure whose loss that is.

Today I retrieve a crochet hook that I left at a freind’s a few weeks ago. I need it to start crocheting rugs. I have spent hours cutting strips from material I had leftover from quilts I’ve made, connecting these, and rolling these into balls. That is the foundation work. When it comes to blogging, I am still cutting apart old ideas and rolling them into balls.

2 thoughts on “Blog Smog”

  1. Judy — I believe blogs are for sharing opinions as well as ideas. I do not believe anything was untrue in what you wrote. I thought it was a great blog. I love the fact that you have the willingness to open your mind and reflect on your thoughts. Not everyone does that . . . Have a great day! Nancy K.

  2. I’m so glad you’re blogging! That’s because you have so much to share. There is a “healthy tention” (I love that phrase) that every writer needs to figure out. You want to share your ideas, but you don’t want to alienate those who may disagree. When I focus more on the former than the latter, it lends to my more brilliant posts.

    I’m not always so bold, though. There are many ideas I choose not to share, fearful of the consequences. Or maybe I’m just a little uncertain myself, still testing the idea out. I don’t know. Maybe a little bit of both.

    What I do know is that my mom will love me no matter how much she disagrees. I sure appreciate that kind of love from my mom!

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