I missed my first day of blogging so far this year. While at the resort, the computer had a great connection because the guru was there fiddling with the equipment so he could be on line when he needed to be. Until yesterday morning. He went fishing with the kids and didn’t get around to going on line.

I decided on short notice to come home and left my computer up there. No problem. I know how to do my blogging from Bernie’s computer. Last night I was playing “Clifford”, our only children’s DVD (is that what you call it…the disk that goes into a computer?) with grandson Jackson. He loved it. He couldn’t do the mouse but he’d point his choices of things to do on the screen with his finger. Right in the middle of our game, this blinky thing came on about an update. I approved the update but then couldn’t get the blinky thing to leave the page. I finally left Clifford but couldn’t go to anything else, certainly not my blog. I couldn’t even turn off the computer. I put Jack to bed and checked the computer now and then, but the update was going very s…l…o…w. I fell asleep before I could get release my blog. So there is my excuse and I am sticking to it!

I fried tomatoes last night for supper. Yum!