Reflections on Kindness

I started a new book this morning, The Force of Kindness by Sharon Salzberg, the choice of my spirituality book club. It is one of those books – I find myself underlining every other sentence and writing in the margins. It is one that send my mind into my life, opening the drawers of old file cabinets of memories. “Oh, this applies here…or there.” “Oh, now I understand this…or that.” The circumstances of the lives of those around me snuggle in as I consider what more is required of me…or not required.

Salzberg makes a statement that makes me think of my hero, Peace Pilgrim. “When we really examine kindness we find it is a deep abiding understanding of how connected we are. We see that kindness inspires a sense of ethics independent of religious adherence, which can guide our families, communities, and the world we live in toward realizing greater safety and peace.” As Peace Pilgrim traveled about the country speaking for peace, doing acts of kindness was central to her message.

Salzberg says: “Kindness is the fuel that helps us truly ‘walk our talk’ of love.” This makes sense to me this morning.