What does boredom feel like? When kids tell us they are bored, we usually give them work to do which is why they don’t tell us unless there is distance from possible work. My mother used to say she felt “listless”. My dictionary defines listless as “lacking energy or enthusiasm, disinclination for exertion.” Interesting word: “disinclination”. “I am disinclined to do what you are telling me to do.” I don’t think I would appreciate hearing that from a kid. But I might be disinclined to do the next thing on my own list for the day…which makes “listlessness” a fitting word.

Another thing my mother would say is “My get-up-and-go got up and went.” Love it.

A semi-scriptural saying is “the road to hell is paved with good intentions.” That is rather harsh for simple laziness, I’d say. I don’t really think it is in the Bible, but maybe it is.

Yesterday I felt bored. I managed to do the first thing on my list which was to do the laundry. That is a chore one goes back to continually throughout the day, so I guess I was busy enough. But between loads I did a lot of sitting around and never got to the other thing on my list which was to clean the bathrooms. The nice side benefit to doing the wash is that it gets me outside if I am not too lazy to hang the clothes on the line. I did hang out yesterday and noted that the air and sky and breeze and temperature had come together in such a sweet way that I could have hung out there forever. Hung out there…what a thought.

Bernie and I are going to Sam’s Club shortly. My son is coming tomorrow with his brood and we need to stock up on…toilet paper. Maybe I will get to the bathrooms tomorrow unless I feel disinclined or listless or if my get-up-and-go gets up and goes.