I was writing my blog this morning typing mindlessly because nothing was on my mind but I was hoping my fingers might have some imagination of their own.  I heard this little blinkie sound. More like bull-ink. Pleenk.  How does one write a sound?

I went to Facebook and it turned out my daughter, Heidi, was sending me a message that came in a little box located on the lower right of my screen. I figured out how to respond to her and she in turn responded to me. Cool. I think this thing is called a “chat box”. We were “chatting”. I suppose that if someone were to use it a lot, one might call that person a “chatterbox”. If the person were my daughter up north, we could call her “Chatty Kathy” though we actually call her Kate. “Chatty Kate” doesn’t work. It sounds like “patty-cake” which might be useful for rhyming in a poem. One could call the activity of using a chat box “chatterboxing”.

I don’t know how to initiate a chat and I am not sure its advantage over using the phone unless to save long-distance charges.