Chickadee Talk

Yesterday morning I was able to hang my laundry out. I did so during the warm spell in March but I just hung items that I knew would dry in cooler air. But yesterday I hung heavier items like Bernie’s t-shirts and sport sox.

As I clipped the clothes to the lines, I had a great conversation with a chickadee. I know how to speak chickadeeze but I don’t know what I am saying, kind of like speaking in tongues a la Penticost. Actually, I whistle and the chickadee chirps but we whistle and chirp the same two notes…sometimes one or three, but mostly two. When I tried out for my high school choir, I remember the director telling me that I have a good ear. I’ve held on to that. It never mattered to me the quality of my voice. I was satisfied to be on the  right note. Think about it. Standing in church, you may or may not notice the sopranos or tenors around you, but if someone is off key everybody notices.

I have read that chickadees will sometimes get friendly enough to come sit in your hand. At our family reunion last June, one came and perched on the shoulder of Ryan, my niece Rachel’s husband. I was so happy for him. I sent him some information about the significance of the chickadee which I will share here:

“…the chickadee is the bird of truth. It helps you pinpoint truth and knowledge…It…enables us to express the truth more joyfully within our life. Some people say, ‘The Truth Hurts.’ Those who have a chickadee as a totem will learn to express the truth in a manner that heals, balances, and opens the perceptions. Truth is shared in a manner that adds  cheer and joy to your own life and the lives of others.” These thoughts are from the book Animal Speak by Ted Andrews.

I don’t know if the chickadee is my totem, but I really love when it stops by for a chat.