Clothespin on my Collar

Yesterday I took my spring jacket out of my closet as I was leaving the house and clipped to the hood was a clothespin decorated with a little blue fuzzy. It said, “You are so cool!” on one side. On the other there was a little smiley face and the letters Y-A-R. I dont know what the letters means. I feel I’ve been touched by a fairy.

I can’t remember the last time I wore this coat. I wonder if I am supposed to pass the clothespin on to someone else. I don’t want to let it go just yet.

Is it a coincidence that in the morning before I found the clothespin, I’d read in The Force of Kindness by Sharon Salzberg: “When someone treats us with the benevolence of kindness, the sense of connection informing their actions confirms our right to be happy.”

4 thoughts on “Clothespin on my Collar”

  1. The last time I did that, I only noticed after I had worn the jacket all day long…. Only the clothes pin that was on the back of my jacket was the every day one you use to hang laundry out to dry…

    Typically my kids noticed it long before I did…

  2. I just wanted to let you know that I stumbled across your blog and I really enjoyed reading it.


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