Cynthia’s Birthday

Yesterday was my granddaughter’s twentieth birthday. Cynthia is a writer and has a blog that is full of deep thoughts. She amazes me. I can’t even remember what was on my mind when I was her age. Actually, I do. I was a pretty confused and angry person. I don’t think I ever shared my thoughts with anyone the way Cynthia does. Perhaps if I had, I would have been a much freer person in the years to follow.

I guess we each grow at our own pace in our own ways. Paths seem to have their smooth portions and their rocky ones. Watching my grandchildren grow is amazing to me. Cynthia’s deep thoughts at twenty is amazing. Maddie’s tenderness over a wounded bird is amazing. Christina’s faithfulness to friends is amazing. Ana’s love for everyone is amazing.

I have 22 grandchildren. This list could get long. Suffice it to say that amazement is becoming a constant in my life.

Happy Birthday, Cynthia. Thank you for amazing me today.

4 thoughts on “Cynthia’s Birthday”

  1. She is so lovely. I am happy to see that you are still in her life. My grandparents had all passed on before I was 20. I miss them all but their love is still with me.

  2. Why not let your mom do as she likes on her blog? You talk to her as if she were a child.

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