Dad in the Laundromat

I had a great day yesterday. If you read the previous blog, you will see my early morning intentions as well as my disclaimer at the end. It is a fact that I did not remember to love as Jesus all day long. But I wasn’t bad. I mean that, while I did not have my resolve on my mind, as far as my actual doing of the day’s stuff, Jesus would have smiled I think. If not for the goodness of it, at least for the effort.

I love watching the people at the laundromat. This time I saw two women chatting and I could sense the intention in them. Their conversation had meat to it. They were truly caring about one another’s thoughts and feelings. I have these kinds of conversations with my friends. I don’t often hear them at the laundromat.

There was a young dad there with a baby in a car seat. He struck me as very young. I overheard a woman goo-gooing at the baby and noted his response. He was clearly excited about his little one. The baby looked to me as though a down’s syndrome child. I stopped by to converse with the young dad. I told the him how cute she was. “She sure looks interested in what is going on around here,” I said.

“It’s a boy,” he said. “I should dress him more like a boy.” I told him that all of my babies were bald within a month or two after they were born. “I went out of my way to dress the girls in dresses because everybody thought they were boys.”

He said, “When he was born, he had more hair than I did.” I looked at his head and the head of the baby and wanted to add, “He still has more  hair than you,” but I didn’t.  I goo-gooed at the baby who responded with a delightful smile. The dad’s smile was even more delightful. I returned to pulling sheets from the driers.

As he was loading up his car with his folded laundry, I noted that he had put the baby carrier in a basket and dragged it along behind him. When he came back for more laundry, he dragged the basket with the baby along behind. Clearly he was afraid to leave the baby for even a few moments, either in the laundromat or in the car outside. It pleased me to witness this amazing love.

I almost offered to watch the baby while he loaded up the car, but had second thoughts. He would have probably asked me for a background check.