This is the beginning of something new in my life. It feels a little like having a column in a newspaper, something I have always thought would be cool but feared big time. But now is the time.

I walked out to greet the sun this morning, a daily ritual of mine. It was slow going because I have this extra bone in my foot that likes to cause me trouble every so often and it is doing so right now. This may seem like a rather mundane thing to be sharing, but really, it has significance to me. Let me explain.

I have a hero. Her name is Peace Pilgrim. She is a real person who walked across the country for peace in the early ’50s. I have read her book, published after her death by her friends. She epitimizes to me what it means to be a peace maker. Well, I guess I have gotten taken in by her journey…the walking journey…thinking how cool it would be to walk the byways of America speaking to folks about what means so much to me. Then God gave me these feet. There are other ways to share a message, I heard. Let your fingers do the walking…remember that message?

Okay! Okay! I got it! So here I am at the starting gate. My son is here from Colorado. He got the blog started. Here you see my first entry. Hello World!

2 thoughts on “Beginnings”

  1. Bravissimo, Judy! a self-exploration via your writing. That’s the bonus. Courage, a second boon for you!
    I shall follow this with eager anticipation and JOY for you!

  2. Congrats, Judy, on ‘just doing it’ (as Nike ads say!). I will track your new blog and have it marked in my “Favourites”. Thanks for sharing! Keep on exploring…
    When you talked about the pilgrimage, ever considered the Camino de Santiago (or part of it)…..I invite you to google it. Writer Arlene and I are tickling our fancy with it, or at least part of it, as a possibility for 2014 adventure, maybe you could join us? Passing thoughts on a blustery almost-winterlike (snow just melted asgain) day up in Canada, ‘eh. :–)

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