Days of Surprises

Yesterday was a day when my agenda was shot full of holes and when the car went where I’d not intended. Sometimes these are the most pleasant of days and I call them days of surprises. Sometimes the new things I find myself doing are not so pleasant and I call them days of surprises anyway. These surprise days are the ones on which I discover again that I am not in control. The days I do the things on my list…well, I should call these days of surprises too, I guess. It is like when a parent, bearing most of the weight, helps a child lift a heavy box and then tells him, “My, how strong you are!”

2 thoughts on “Days of Surprises”

  1. Are you OKAY? Last time my car went “where I’d not intended” I had to wake up my dad to tell him, “No, I wasn’t speeding… you can tell cause it didn’t roll.” And, it was his car, not mine. That was an evening of surprises!

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