Facebook in the Morning

I am enjoying Facebook these days.

My daughter put on a picture of her high school friends gathered for a go-away party for Hadar,  our foreign exchange student. Her friends commented on the picture, mostly those actually in it. It still amazes me the connection people have with old friends. I don’t have that, but then, I am the one who kept moving to new places.

There was a picture of my new great-nephew, one month old today, wearing a quirky little hat with a distressed scrunchy look on his face. Comments ranged from “adorable” to “he looks like Mary (my sister-in-law)”, not a compliment given his expression.

I am able to tell what time my kids and friends are up and going in case I want to call them.

I can see what is important to people by their links. I know who the conservatives and liberals are, who has a sense of humor and who is way too serious, who are positive and who are negative in the way they view things.  I like the discussions that follow when someone raises an issue, (though I am not fond of “likes”). I especially appreciate those who are able to articulate a deeper perspective on things.

I am on the run today, so I just wanted to touch base with my many fans. I don’t know who you are, for the most part, but thank you for stopping in to visit.