Fall Solstice

The air is cool this morning. Our new outdoor thermometer reads 45 degrees. Bernie turned the heat on for the first time as the new season begins today with the fall solstice. That is okay by me. I love living with change. I can even tolerate extremes if this is the price for change. I do, however, prefer sitting in a room with a fire in the hearth on a cold day to sitting inside with air conditioning on one that is hot.

I am so looking forward to the day. We will be going out to St. John University campus today to see a new stick sculpture just completed. I will tell you about that later. Then we will go to an orchard to buy apples to make and freeze pie filling. There is a festival in St.  Cloud hosted by Minnesota United for All Families and my daughter Heidi is having an open house at her studio. Then we will have dinner at Red Lobster using up a gift certificate. The certificate came with movie passes but these oldsters will be way too tired to go to a movie by the time we do all the above.

We will be wearing jackets…it is predicted to reach only 53 degrees today. Fall is in the air. The leaves are turning. Happy solstice!