Fathers Day

Two fathers dishing up bacon potatoe salad and bacon wrapped shrimp

Today was Father’s Day so we celebrated the two Dad’s…Bernie and son Chris. The two of them pretty much spent the day cooking…go figure. Bernie made his famous potato salad that has proportion of one pound of BACON to about three potatoes. Chris prepared marinated shrimp wrapped in BACON. To this we added elk steak from last Fall’s catch.

I gave Bernie a card that read: “It’s Father’s Day, Honey!” (He was already suspicious) “Why not relax and enjoy a movie?” Then you open it and it says: “The you can wake up at the end, and I’ll tell you what happened. XOXO.

For Chris I gave a card that read: “You’ve got what it takes to be a great dad-wisdom, patience, and most important…(open card)…KIDS! Otherwise, you’d just be this wise, patient guy. Happy Father’s Day.” I drew a little goutee on the dad picture to look more like Chris.

We ended the night with ice cream and sherbert and ate watching the twinkling lights of Monument. Then Chris gave me a tutorial on how to upload pictures ot my blog and went to bed. Here’s hoping. WOW! IT WORKED!