Friends at the Resort

My friend, Julie, came up to the resort with her husband yesterday. It is amazing how quickly I was able to step into not working. Last evening Scott took us out on his boat and Bernie was able to show him a few fishing spots. Scott went fishing this morning around 7 am and still isn’t back…it is almost  noon. Bernie’s tutoring must have been effective.

This morning I continued to laze around as I visited with Julie over coffee. I did contribute service, somewhat, by fixing breakfast for the workers. I folded and put away the sheets I washed yesterday.

This afternoon, Julie and Scott are going with Bernie and I to Blackduck for their woodcarver’s festival. My grandchildren will be working food booths on behalf of their sports teams. I will be having nachos and cheese and a caramel apple with lemonade for lunch. Have to support the kids, right? A grandparent’s duty.

2 thoughts on “Friends at the Resort”

  1. I just finished reading Summer of Firefly Memories by Joan Gable. I thought of you because of your daughter’s resort. It’s the story of 4 sisters who get together at a MN resort for the first time since their parents had died 20 years before. They had spent part of every summer at the resort when they were growing up but after their parent’s death none had ever returned. It’s a very good book, I highly recommend it.

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