Giving Thanks

I am thankful to day

for quiet mornings when I can read books that feed my soul
for a safe, warm place to live
for a family of people I admire
for food on our tables
for friends to walk side-by-side with
for a body that works pretty darned well
for people who challenge me to love more than I think I can and those who make love easy
for young people who are smarter and wiser than I was at their age and who give me hope
for my country still struggling to become a democracy
for  people who have to leave their homes because of war
for those who can’t leave
for peace in the world
for the poor of the world
for the rich in the world
for those who lose their homes because of natural disasters
for people who are sick today
for those damaged by war in their bodies and in their minds
for those of us who send them to war
for our abused earth
for the God who needs comfort

For all of you, may your hearts be filled with gratitude today.

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