Good News

Bernie and I got a surprise phone call from our granddaughter, Alissa, who lives in Australia last night. At first, I didn’t catch that this was a special call with a special announcement. But she said, “I will wait until Grandpa is on the other phone. I have something to tell you.” We knew immediately, of course. We have been watching the love between her and Assad grow over the last couple of years. With all my complaining about the internet, I have to love Facebook right now for allowing us to watch her and other family members living their daily lives.

“Assad and I are engaged,” she said. He had proposed on a mountain top in New Zealand. Oh, wow! We couldn’t be happier.


3 thoughts on “Good News”

  1. Congratulations!!!!
    This is such great news! I wish them all the happiness in the world!:)

  2. Congratulations to Alissa! It’s so wonderful that she has grandparents who love her no matter what. And what a romantic setting for a proposal!

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