Goodbye, Birch Haven, See You Next Spring

Today we tuck our little camper in for the winter and say goodbye to Birch Haven Resort until next spring. We’ve been blessed with good weather the last two days so Bernie, Kate and Jerry could scoop up the leaves so they don’t have to be dealt with in the spring. I’ve had the lighter work, moving sheets to cabin one so the critters don’t disturb them, putting dryer sheets in all the cabins also to keep the critters away.

I thought it would be fun to end the season with a song from the Sound of Music. You know, “So long…farewell…” I went to youtube and found this adorable rendition of somone’s grandchildren singing on the community stage somewhere. I liked it better than the movie version.

PS. Check out the resort for your vacation next summer. We will be glad to see you there.

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