Happy Anniversary to my Blog

Today is the six month anniversary of my blog. It was on January 26 of this year that I committed to writing every day and this blog became the vehicle. I had a few goals in mind as I began.

First of all, I wanted to finally become the writer I know I have always been. I have been stingy with my writing for others, lazy, scared and full of excuses. A blog and a commitment seemed to be just what I needed.

One of my blocks was the computer world. Blogging is more complicated than my limited mastery of word-processing and e-mail, which was the level of my expertise when I started. I have come a long way in six months, but I have a long way to go. If I don’t apply new concepts taught to me by my guru, I forget them willy-nilly. He is a busy guru and I hate to have him spend his time reteaching me when there are so many new concepts to learn. So a goal for me today is to apply skills several times after I first learn them with the hopes that they will stick.

I knew I could write, but writing well on purpose eluded me before I launched the blog. As many accomplished writers have recommended, one needs to write, write, and write some more in order to develop their skill. Procrastination has been my enemy, for sure, but the blog has added the dimension of purpose. A writer friend I consulted as I began this journey told me that the greatest impetus to her writing career was becoming a regular contributor for a local women’s magazine. I know my skills have sharpened. The frosting on the cake is that I am learning to write closings. This was always a problem for me and, goodness, if you can’t bring closure to a piece, you really can’t submit it for publication.

A third goal was to write a book; in fact, this goal preceded the thought to write a blog. I have not yet committed to any one idea for a book. I am hoping, as has been my son’s experience, that a book is imbedded in the blogs.

I decided to write a blog because at least three people suggested I do so. I interpreted this as a “leading” from God. I know for some folks such leadings are much more ethereal than simply suggestions from people, but my leadings tend to be of the earthly kind.  I need to stay alert to more guidance.

Another goal I have is to take some risks. I’d like to write more Jesus stories. I have thought about writing blogs to parents or grandparents, since it reflects my education. I don’t like the sound of advice, so I need to work on the kind of vehicle that will work for me. I might consider an occasional series of blogs on one theme. People who don’t like reading longer blogs may like this idea. It may be more akin to the book that is waiting to be born in me. I really haven’t promoted my blog. I may give some energy to this.

Thank you to all who have come along for this ride. Thank you to the internet that always comes through, though not without frustrations, so that I could stick to my goal of a blog per day for one year. Thank you to God for the gift (sorry about the long neglect). Thank you to the universe or for whatever is the source of my inspirations.

2 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary to my Blog”

  1. Happy Month-a-versary, mom! Congratulations.

    I very much enjoyed this post. It is awesome to see how much you’ve applied in such a short amount of time. To think that six months ago you barely knew how to type on a computer. Now you are blogging and gathering a small following of readers.

    Let’s be sure to have a little Jeub workshop at the cabin in August (you, me, Wendy, Kate and Cynthia) to move to the next level of blogging. It’ll be fun!

    The Jeub Blogging Workshop:
    Judy Jeub
    Chris Jeub
    Wendy Jeub
    Kate (Jeub) Gaslin
    Cynthia Jeub

  2. Judy – I have always told you you are such an inspiration. I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog every day. Congratulations on six months! Nancy K.

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