Heading Down the Bunny Hill

I had a little trouble getting on line this morning. I’ve been taught a little trick: turn off the computer, unplug the the doohickie that sits on top of Bernie’s dresser for a while, find something else to do for a while, replug the doohickie and watch those little lights blinkety blink until they settle down, start up the computer again and like magic, I am on line again. I have no clue why this works and even the computer guru’s don’t seem to have an answer. It is one of those things, I guess, we have to accept on faith.

Another thing I have noticed is that there are certain times when getting on line is more difficult than others. Sunday mornings, for example. And holidays. Sometimes I have had to wait until late at night to release my blog writing.  I attribute this to some kind of overload even though that baffles me. Can we jam airwaves like telephone wires in the days of yore? The airlines want you to turn off your cell phones and computers when taking off and landing. Maybe airwaves can get too loaded.

Anyway, as we come into the Christmas season, I anticipate the possibility that there may be days when I won’t be able to get  my blog released. And with a housefull of people it may turn out that I will have trouble finding time to write at all. But I will try. And maybe I will end up releasing my thoughts all at once on January 2. Who knows? You will all be busy, too, so will hardly notice if my blog takes a pause.

Today Bernie and I will be heading to the airport to pick up my daughter and granddaughter who are spending Christmas with us for the first time in 13 years. By the time we get home tonight, daughter number two will already be occupying our house with her family. Daughter number three and Bernie’s brother will show up on Sunday. That begins a week of…eating, talking, laughing, maybe some sentimental tears. The basement bedrooms  and bath are clean. The preparations for Christmas are done. The tree is up and bright with lights.

I feel a little like I did when I was standing on the top of the bunny hill for the first time. (I was 45). That was before someone taught me how to go side to side on my skiis and I just headed straight down the hill fearfully screaming all the way. Laying in the snow at the bottom I looked back up the hill and noticed that the 4-year-olds were doing exactly as I had just done but their screams were screams of joy. It is all in the attitude.

6 thoughts on “Heading Down the Bunny Hill”

  1. Sounds like my first bunny hill experience…only i ended up sliding down on my butt. I stuck to cross-country after that!
    Merry Christmas!

    1. I remembered it every time one of your kids put skis on for the first time and headed fearlessly down the hill. Some things are better tried when young…anc close to the ground.

  2. oh . . . and . . . . . . I do believe computers get CONFUSED. Mine is also very independent, stubborn at times, and does what she wants when she wants to . . .

  3. yes . . . and far less fear. plus much less distance to fall! Merry Christmas! Enjoy your family!

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