Hell Has Frozen Over

When I wrote about peace the other day, I listed a few reasons for my hope. I would like to add one. This morning I listened to a conversation led by Krista Tippit between Jim Daly, director of Focus on the Family and Gabe Lyons who started the discussion format “Q”. At one point one said, “No hell has not frozen over”, referring to the fact that these two men from extreme organizations, right and left, have found common ground. It was an inspiring conversation. I don’t feel I can do justice to it here, so I will just offer you a link, though I may reflect on portions later. You can watch the conversation which took place in Minneapolis about a week ago and read the comments that followed. The discussion was part of a series called the Civil Conversation Project (CCP). Future conversations will include the topics of marriage, abortion, christians and social good, and building political bridges. I applaud the courage  and the humility of these two men and Tippit who never backs away from an opportunity to bring understanding about difficult issues to her  listeners.

I invite you to watch and listen. “On Being” is Krista’s radio show on PBS that airs on Sunday mornings at 10 am, central time.

Here is where you can see the discussion…enjoy and be filled with hope.