Helpful Hints

Here are a couple of helpful hints:

When you buy a cup of coffee in a convenience store, make sure that you only have one lid on it.  It is easy to grab two stuck together. When you do have two lids you may find yourself spilling  coffee all over yourself as you sip it in the car. The first time it happened to me it felt like I had a hole in my chin. I tried readjusting the top several times. Of course I was actually readjusting tops, plural, and the spillage down my shirt kept occuring. That happened to me yesterday as I drove to visit friends. This time I realized what I’d done and removed the extra cover from the cup. But it was too late. I think maybe I may start packing an extra shirt in my car.

Another hint, which some of you may think a no-brainer, is this: when you cannot find your cell phone, have someone call you. Of course this only works if someone is with you  who has a phone. If you are alone, you obviously cannot call them to call you. Yesterday, I drove miles back to my daughter’s house because I thought I’d left my phone there. When she did not have it, she called me on her phone. I  could hear my phone’s cheery jingle in my purse. I’d had it all along, but even after she called me, I had to dump out all of its contents to find it.  Do they make phones that both sing and light up on voice command? They should.

The above may seem trivial for anyone looking for inspiration this morning. I don’t know about inspiration, but I do know that I was able to go into the gathering with my friends without giving a thought to the stains on my shirt. There was a day that I would have turned around and gone home or I would have prefaced every conversation with an explanation for the stains on my shirt. I actually forgot about the stain during the time I was visiting. This is real progress for me.

As for the phone search, when I returned to  my daughter’s I discovered that an old friend of mine, now a new friend of hers, was sitting in her living room. It was such a joy to see her, a joy I would have surely missed had I not come searching for my phone.

There are no accidents.