Holy Week

Yesterday, Palm Sunday, was the start of Holy Week. Those familiar with the stories in the Bible may recall the day when Jesus was heading into Jerusalem and his followers, all starry-eyed, came out to watch him ride in on a donkey with palm branches in their hands, cheering him as he passed by. As I understand it, palm branches reflected with what they thought of him…as their king.

Today, many Christian churches reenact the whole story of that day and the crucifixion as they launch into holy week when people get really repentent. It is pretty intense. Or it was for me.

I didn’t celebrate Palm Sunday yesterday. As I reflected in an earlier blog, every day is a day to repent, or in the case of Palm Sunday, to rejoice. For me it is all about looking at the day as it really is and letting my prayer flow from that. Yesterday I was feeling relief as people I love were starting to find answers to their problems and feel better in their situations. So my prayer was one of gratitude for them. Today, I plan to babysit Jackson and a couple of friends will be stopping by to chat. So my prayer this morning would be one of anticipated … connection … more joy.

My prayer for you is that your every week be holy.