I’ll Fly Away

My husband Bernie is always telling me things that I am supposed to remember for him. He’ll say, “Remind me to call Becky,” for example. Or “Remind me to get gas for the lawn mower.” He’ll even tell me to put it on MY list so I remember to remind him. I don’t know why he does this. My memory isn’t any better than his is. Is it so that if the task doesn’t get done he can blame me? I’ve learned not to pay much attention. He can do his own remembering.

But last night we were at a blue grass concert featuring the band “Monroe Crossing.” Lots of toe tapping going on. They did a great rendition of the spiritual “I’ll Fly Away”. He leaned over to me and said, “I want that sung at my funeral.” I took out a notebook from my purse and I wrote it down. He will surely not remember this one.

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