I read this morning a definition of intuition. My source suggests that intuition is God’s direct line into our minds and hearts. Everyone has intuition, but for many of us, there is so much noisy clutter, we cannot hear God’s message to us. Often we want to substitute God’s will for us with our own, even calling it God’s will so no one will argue with us.

This morning I took a walk down the resort’s long driveway. Walking out, I noticed these little white flowers along the edges of the road. The blossoms were closed tight like little fists wrapping themselves against the cold of the night. When started my return toward the resort, I noted that the flowers were loosening their grip on themselves, turning toward the rising sun, opening their little yellow centers to their mighty likeness. I thought that, were a child to be walking by, she might want to pick them while they are  in this open state. Or a bee may buzz in to feast on their sweet nectar. So being open, for this flower, is a vulnerable thing.

“Don’t fear being vulnerable,” my God was telling me through my intuition. When it is God’s light that opens me up, I needn’t be afraid.