Jesus at the Wedding

Here is another story of Jesus’ encounter with family:

There was a wedding in a town called Cana to which Mary, Jesus mother, was invited. The way the story is told, it seems to me that Mary may have asked that her son and his friends could come to the feast. So, when the hosts ran out of wine, she may have felt a little responsible. She approached Jesus and told him, “They are out of wine.”

His response: “You must not tell me what to do.” Now, I have heard this story a hundred times and never once has anyone suggested that this was a disrespectful way for Jesus to talk to his mother. He must have realized it right away, because he said, “My time has not yet come.” How is Mary supposed to know this? It was the same when he was found in the temple at age 12. “Didn’t you not know I must be about my father’s business?” When it comes to his parents, Jesus seems to have taken them for granted, big time.

In the end, Jesus performed the now famous miracle. He created wine to fill six twenty-gallon jars. The wine was better than what the host had provided in the first place. So his mother was happy and his friends were happy as well as the wedding party and guests. But Jesus could have  done it all with a better attitude.

John 2: 1-10

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  1. Once I began thinking about the humanity of Jesus, all sorts of ideas came pouring forth. I am glad you liked the blog.

  2. It is hard for us to embrace Jesus as fully human.
    I think you point out one of the cases in the gospels of this humanity.
    I find it encouraging that the authors and editors kept this in.

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