Jesus’ family

One more Jesus story…then I promise to move on to other things.

One day,  Jesus’ mother and his brothers came to town to see him. When they found him, he was busy preaching to a crowd of people. They didn’t really want to interrupt him, so they just decided to wait. Maybe they wanted to listen to him preach and find out what everyone was so excited about. But someone noticed them standing around and told Jesus that they were outside. Now, you might think that Jesus would have called them in and introduced them to the crowd. I think the people would have loved to meet his family. But instead, he said, “My mother and brothers are those who hear the word of God and obey it.” I suppose he wanted to  make a point and maybe it even fit in with whatever he was preaching about. I just think he could have found another way to make it the point.

This opinion comes from a mother.

Luke 8:19-21

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  1. When I get a chance, I will. Though, I am not sure it is Jesus who needs to do the explaining. He after all, isn’t the one who told the stories. His friends and followers did. Had he been a writer, he might have reported the same events differently. (There’s an idea!)
    I am aware of the work of scholars who understand the cultural setting of the scriptures and the language challenges in trying to translate original texts. Family relations were no doubt quite different in Jesus time. For example, the coming of age for a male child, implied in the story of Jesus in the Temple, may have meant that a boy begin a different relationship with women including their mothers, start counting themselves among the men in the family, that is. I am sure that there are scripture scholars out there who would love to explain all this. Same with the language. There a loads of passages that have been been misinterpreted over the years because of the difficulty in translating ideas into another language. I confess that I am taking liberty with the stories. I am reading the words through the cultural lens of twentieth-first century woman. I am influenced by our slang and even the way we would intone our sentences. And, I am having more fun than back when I studied under those scholars.
    When I meet Jesus, I may have to be the one to do the explaining. But I am not worried. I think Jesus took himself less seriously than his followers do…there I go again!
    As for my taking issue with how Jesus treated his family, I don’t even take myself very seriously. See my response to Sue after “Jesus in the Temple”.

  2. Judy — I love how you personalize the story of Jesus and make things real, understandable and relevant. I only wish I could find a bible study that would do the same. Nancy K.

    1. Chris Jeub, What a rude way to speak to your mom. I think she raises some very good issues.

      1. It’s okay, Sue. I checked it out. Chris was just commenting in the same spirit of humor I was writing in. But thanks for coming to my defense.

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