One day last week I did a couple of kindnesses. Usually I try to limit myself to only one a day. But now that I’ve done two in one day, I suppose I can take a day off.

I have a friend who is shut in right now and I had the idea to get some kind of craft that we could do together and maybe could keep her busy while she is stuck at home. I also thought to bring half of a pan of lazagna for her and her husband. The other half I froze for Bernie and I. Before I went there I happened upon a friend who told me about some really crappy things going on in his life right now. He is one of those people who can tell you such things and in the next breath tell you all that he has to be grateful for. I love people like that. Suddenly, these words popped out of my mouth: “I have something for you in my car.”
“For me?’ He said. I’d never given him anything before and may never do so again but, without giving it much thought, I led him to my car and pulled out the lazagna I’d intended for my other friend. He was soooo grateful, you wouldn’t believe it. I felt good too, but I then wondered what I would bring for  my friend.

I stopped back home and got the other half of the lazagna out of the freezer. Then I went on to Crafts Direct where I found some adorable little wooden bird houses no more that 5 or 6 inches tall and a set of paints.

My friend and I spent an hour and a half sitting at her kitchen table painting and chatting. We learned a lot about one another that we’d never shared before. We both had a great time. It made me wonder why I don’t do more of that kind of things with friends. Most crafts I do are alone projects that I like to do when there is only crap on television which is just about every night.

I am learning that doing nice things for people is about the funnest thing in the world to do. I would recommend it to anybody, especially ego-centrics. Especially, too, depressed people. And not to mention bored people and the people who bore them. Then there are the biggots and the angry-at-the-world people. Also, let’s not forget the know-it-alls and the have-it-alls and the want-it-alls.

Those little bird houses cost just a buck a piece. I bought four of them for less than the cost of a grande cafe mocha supreme with extra chocolate and Bernie has yet to notice that the lazagna is missing.