Kite Flight

As I read Facebook I see others are pretty much back to normal with Christmas behind. That is how it is for those who work. For those who have children in school, back to normal comes later. We have grandchildren here again today. I like having them here.  School really cuts into grandparent time.

Tomorrow my daughter and her daughter go home to Arizona. Sunday, Bernie and I plan to take our tree and decorations down and re-store them until next time. Then our back-to -normal routine will begin.

I am one of those people who thrive on routine. I like a routine that frames my day, my week, my life. Some people might prefer a life of surprises and the unexpected. Not me. I like my kite to have a string on it. I find that if I keep my eyes and ears alert, there are all sorts of unexpected surprises that come inside my routine. It could be as sweet as finding something I’d thought was lost, hearing from an old friend, or waking up to a blanket of snow on the ground. So my kite flips in the breeze, even takes a dive now and then but the string keeps me from crashing. It is a ride I like, controlled and out of control all at the same time.