Lap Top

I was up in the wee hours of the morning. I thought I’d try using my new lap top as a lap top for the first time in practice for a trip I am taking next week. Propped up in my bed, I set her on my lap and went to my blog. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get to the dashboard. My blog guru/son helped me with this once before but I forgot what to do. My notes are on my desk in the other room where Bernie is sleeping on the couch.

It is at times like this that skype really comes in handy. I can see that Chris is up and on line so I skyped him. He didn’t respond, but I know he is on line. I get this little notice whenever Chris is on line at the same time I am. This is a really interesting feature. It notifies me when my granddaughter, Cynthia, is on line, too. I don’t know why my computer does this nor do I know why I only get notified about these people. I like it because I know that if I try to skype or send a message, they get the notification. When I skype Chris and he is too busy, he usually sends me a little message. “I am talking to my boss.” Really? at 4 am? “I am working at a coffee shop.” Yeah, I don’t want the other clientele to listen in on our conversation, either. I was once in a coffee shop where I listened to a conversation by a sweet young college student skyping her boyfriend. I was fascinated but I am not sure her boyfriend would have liked my listening in.

Once Cynthia wrote, “I’m in the library and have to be quiet. Talk later.” Marian the Librarian was out and about.

I wish phones were like that. It would be reassuring to know that someone is okay even though they can’t really talk to you right now.

. . . . . .

Bernie got up and I was able to retrieve my blog notes. I figured out how to get to my dashboard.

My trip? I am going to my home town of Chicago next week to attend my 50th high school reunion. It would be fun to be able to blog while I am actually there, rather than blog after I get home. That’s my plan, anyway. Stay tuned.

8 thoughts on “Lap Top”

  1. Laptops are best when used on your lap, preferably with a snuggly blanket and a nice piece of cake to hand. Best just to keep the coffee at some distance….. don’t ask me how I know this!!! 😀

    1. Okay. Now you’ve got me. I don’t know how to do that yet. I am not sure my class mates want their pictures on my blog, anyway. I’m not sure I want mine on my blog.

      1. I understand Judy. I know that you will express your thoughts and feelings in writing. I do love your simple blog. No need to clutter it up with pictures.

  2. Judy, I’m waiting at the moment for new MAC laptop to be delivered, it’s due today according to the tracking. That’s a good idea to take it to your reunion. I have my 50th high school reunion next year. I’m writing the class history so I have some work to do before then. Have fun at your reunion. I love Chicago. I have a cousin who’s a priest there.


    1. Wonderful. You are a writer. I needed some accountability to take off in flight. This blog is it for me. Good luck on the history writing.

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